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Draw lessons from the past to determine your future goals

Don't forget that new beginnings bring with them many opportunities and possibilities. It is a moment to set priorities and think about how we want to shape our future. Use this period to look back and benefit from the lessons we learned over the past year, then look forward with optimism and confidence in our ability to achieve success and development in the coming year.

What are the signs that indicate that you are in a toxic relationship?

Ghaddar says, "A toxic relationship, is not limited to the emotional relationship between a man and a woman only . Toxic relationships can include friendships , colleagues at work , and perhaps family members . ” A toxic relationship is defined as any relationship that lacks shared values ??and understanding . Toxic relationships are unhealthy relationships that negatively affect a woman , drain her energy, and threaten her peace of mind and inner peace

“Happiness on its International Day.” Do the Lebanese people know it?

In this context, life coach and brain-linguistic programming Gin Ghaddar explains to “Huna Lebanon” that “the Lebanese people have always been a struggling people and struggling for their most basic rights. In recent years, there is no doubt that health and economic pressures and crises have negatively affected the level of happiness among all individuals, causing them to go through many conflicts and difficulties, but the Lebanese cling to life, and they are one of the people who have a sense of humor and who also cling to life and hope.”